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First run unresponsive, second not


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Test case:


1 - Boot the computer

2 - Run Emby Server

3 - Home web page shows up.

4 - Click on "Music" Library

5 - Colored circle shows up, and nothing else for an hour.

6 - Exit Emby server

7 - Force kill Emby server from Activity Monitor

8 - Wait until %CPU reaches 0.0

9 - Run Emby Server again.

10 - Home web page shows up.

11 - Click on "Music" Library

12 - Now everything's fine.

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Here's the log for the first run:


I started the server at 12:10:59.438.

The web page showed up

Colored circle spinning.

I closed the web page at 12:44:06.841

Tried once more by clicking on the "Browse Library" menu item at 12:46:08.520

Shut down the server at 12:48:55.150

Had to Force Kill embyserver at 13:00


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