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What is Emby and what do I need?


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What is it?


Emby encompasses a large suite of applications all communicating with a central server that manages your personal media universe (Movies, TV, Music, Books, Games, Photos ...).


Emby can bring your entire media library to not only all of the computers on your network, but also many of your portable devices. Whether it's the Roku in the living room, or your tablet on the back porch, Emby will bring your media right to you. To see the "big picture" of what Emby encompasses, check out the Emby Architecture Overview


What do I need?


Start by taking a look at the System Requirements


Take a look at Media Files and Folder Structure. This is what MB3 expects to find when you point it to your media files. It can work with a less-than-ideal file structure, but using the guide to organize your media files will allow you to make the most of its many features. 


Next, head over to the Download page of the web site. You'll need to download the server installer, and any clients you wish to use.


What's next?


The installation and setup are pretty intuitive, but if you need help, you can find complete walkthroughs in the Knowledge Base. Start with MB3 Server Setup and Configuration, then head over to the Index of Setup Guides for more.


Now you're well on your way! If you run into any problems, you're already in the right place - just head to the Technical Support forum where both Developers and experienced users are ready to help.


Welcome to the world of Media Browser. I think you're going to love it here. 

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