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Weird playlists thing


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Putting this here because I have a Mac server but not sure if it belongs.

I went in today to make some playlists and found a bunch of "playlists" that are just albums. But when I go into them there is nothing assigned. 

I can "delete" them but I have to do it one at a time. 

Some of them are just named "Playlist" and have a Rolling Stones album cover.

Some of them are named [artist name][album name] and have either just a color icon or the album cover. 

Some of them are named [album name] and can be a color icon or the album cover.



I had this before and I just deleted them out as there were just s few, but now it is 93 of them.


Is there:

a - a reason this is happening

b - a quick way to get rid of them

c - a way to stop it from happening again

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Hi, most likely you have some playlist files such as .m3u's within your music folders. try deleting those and then run a library scan.

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