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View channel guide while watching live tv


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This actually already exists in our Android TV/Fire TV app.




Yes, but the web app and Theater should as well. In fact, this is where PiP should come in...

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+1 for this to be in Theater.

The fact that if you try and use Theater for what it was intended for, ie on a big TV with a remote you cant even change the channel with the channel up and down buttons, you have to back out and go back to the guide which stops the stream.

At least being able to bring the guide overlay ontop so you can browse the guide would be a massive move in the right direction.


Like you say, you have the code working in the android tv app already, whats holding you back?

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2 hours ago, mattirawks said:

Is this feature any closer to release? . .. Emby theatre really needs it

Forget it. This has been "in development" for 2 years. Not going to happen.

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6 hours ago, Luke said:

Viewing the channel guide while playing will be in Emby Server 4.7. Thanks.

Will that mean it will also appear in the big screen apps such as Theatre?

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