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Live TV not detecting my tuners

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Hi all


I have installed ServerWMC on my machine and it has successfully picked up all my folders and tuners. I then installed the ServerWMC plugin, which went fine.


I now move to Live TV and click on the Dectect my tuners" button and it is not finding anything.


Please see attached logs.


Am I doing, or have I done, something wrong here?


Fyi, WMC, Emby Server and Theater are all on this one machine. We use WMC to watch and record Live TV on a daily basis, so that part or the set up shouldn't be an issue. 





Emby Server Log.txt

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Hi, those functions are only for the built in live tv features. Once you install server wmc, all you do is refresh the guide and you're good to go.

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Hi Luke.


Thanks for the quick response. Unfortunately, your response raises more questions than answers. I was following the guide that is stickied to the top of the forum, which says to go into the Live TV area and I should see my tuners. 




If this step is not required as to get all the ServerWMC services set up, then I'm ok with that, but four of my tuners are Hauppauge (which is a selection in the drop down menu), so I would have thought they would show up when the scan button was pressed...?


Ok, so I was typing up this long winded thing saying how it's not working for me. Turns out I just needed to give it time to load everything up. Not a minute or two - about half an hour. All is good with that now. Can watch Live TV on the phone, ipad or laptop now - or maybe the missus can watch Bachelor on her phone, whilst I watch Nascar on the big tv. Yeah right!!!


Sooner or later I'll be jumping off the WMC bandwagon. I would like to be able to test the native Emby Live Tv functions.

What do I need to do to get my tuners scanned and accepted?

Also, will that require a EPG provider, or does it support the FTA EPG feed?

Happy to move this discussion off the ServerWMC forum if this going to be more than one or two posts.





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There's no tuner display anymore, you just install the plugin and then refresh the guide.


If you'd like to try native support, then make sure to install the latest hauppauge drivers so that emby can detect the tuner.

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This was helpful as I was wondering about this same issue with my ceton tuners.

Under a older install, they were listed, but after a clean reinstall they didn't show up.


Also the guide wouldn't refresh, as I used the default that came with MCE. Shouldn't it populate?


For the ServerWMC install I had to set the schedule direct account information for the Guide information to populate with Emby....

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Yes it should populate, and schedules direct is not used with server wmc. You can enter it into the server but it won't do anything.

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