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Emby for android tv - Scheduled or event triggered channel updates on android tv oreo channel


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Emby for android tv  - Scheduled or event triggered channel updates on android tv oreo channel


The Android tv home screen channels in Oreo are a great way to quickly select what to watch right from the Android tv home screen and Emby has a couple of great channels available today.


Unfortunately, you have to enter the emby app for the channels to update which loses the advantage of having channels as they are not up to date when you need them, so I would suggest that we add a scheduled task that updates the emby channels or even better, if there is an event that triggers an update when you start your tv.


Typical usecase:

Today when I start my tv for example in the morning, I get suggestions to resume the tv show I currently watch, but the suggestions in the channels are old and I have to open emby, wait a couple of seconds, and then go back to the leanback launcher and the channels are is updated. This use case is common when you have multiple emby clients you use, and their 'local' playback positions are out of sync.


There is an example of this in the webpage I link to below in the section "scheduling channel updates"  and should be a fast copy paste with a couple of minor adjustments to the code.



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It is actually greatly improved in the current beta but still will require you to enter the app for it to update.


We can be notified of the device booting but I need to test whether or not this occurs just coming out of sleep because most people never actually turn these devices off.


Also, you have to be comfortable with the device/app constantly connecting to your server.  We get a lot of reports of "why does this app keep popping up as connecting to my server" and it is due to features like this (or syncing).

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