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Syncing spread tv show seasons


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I noticed a lot of seasons from my tv shows don't show up after syncing emby with kodi.


From what I googled I have to run a manual sync after the first time sync.


My question: if I later, after this manual sync, add a season from a tv show on yet another drive will they automatically add to my kodi without me having to run a manual sync again?

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Yes, for example:


I have the first two seasons of twin peaks on say Drive1, and the two movies (fire walk with me, and missing pieces) in specials and season 3 on Drive2.


In the web client they are merged, in kodi only season 3 and the specials show up.


I'm not home right now and can't run the manual scan, but from what I googled that should work, I'm just wondering about my last question.



Thanks in advance!

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Series pooling is not great in Kodi atm. I have fixed it for the upcoming beta version. So I'd say, if you can live with that issue for now, and try with the next beta version of Emby for Kodi... otherwise I'm not even sure a manual sync would fix this situation to be honest. The manual sync helps apply series pooling but if it's already messed up (two of the same show appear), then I don't think it'll be able to merge the entries.


I just need some time, I don't want to give a date yet but before the end of the month is looking realistic at the moment.

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