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Toshiba 40PX200 - DLNA Device?


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Hi All - I've been offline for a while with the a new job, new country and NEW TV. I am adding this TV to the list that does not appear as a DLNA device.


According to the manual specs on Page 44-45 it suggests the built in Toshiba Media Player can "communicate" with a DLNA Certified Server however, the TV does not show up in the MB3 server Active Connections as a DLNA device. PDF Manual is here (3MB): http://www.toshibamea.com/Library/Product/PDF/32_40_46PX200Series_EN.pdf 


I have it hardwired on the network and the TV can see all of the folder structure on HTPC server. The built in player plays everything including MKV from the folder structure interface.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions that may help me to bypass my lo-fidelity extender and go straight to play to DLNA device with my Android tablet MB3 app control.


Toshiba Model Homepage: http://www.toshibamea.com/ProductDetails/3313/LED_TV_40PX200/48879?pageid=3313  



Cheers, Tanamur

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