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Issues enableing HTTPS


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I have recently bought a certificate and wish to enable HTTPS, 
However I seem to be unable to enable it correctly, nomatter what my HTTP works,
But I cannot get https to work correctly atall My settings are here below, followed by the error I get.



Any suggestions?

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Your external domain name should not have 'https://' in front of it. Just start with www.



Im actually surprised you arent having further problems. I just went to test my theory as I wasnt completely sure that was the problem. When I added the 'https://' saved and clicked restart. The server did not start again..? I then went to the server machine and tried to start emby but it still didnt load.

I ended up editing <WanDdns> in system.xml and restarted my comp just for good measure. That solved it.


@@Luke That may be some handy info for you :)

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External domain should just be the address only. No scheme or port.

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