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CinemaMode behavior


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Hello @@Luke, hello together,


I have a strange problem. I do not get a save receipt when I make settings in CinemaMode (see log). Nevertheless, he somehow takes over the storage, despite loop (see picture).


In Emby (Chrome), the local trailer is also played and then the respective movie.


But in Kodi for Emby (addon), a trailer is played, but then it is not changed on the movie. On the contrary, the movie is marked as seen and I end up back in my selection. Skin of @@sualfred can be excluded, saulfred has referred me to you. We have already discussed here in German:



What is also weird is that the plugin CinemaMode has lost again after a server or Emby restart the storage.


Enclosed I send you the log from EmbyServer after a reboot and the save process.


Thanks for your help and this great project.


Achso, my system is up to date Emby Synology, Kodi 18, Emby for Kodi Beta 3.0.31a and in Emby for Kodi everything is set correctly (addon mode).

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