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Feature Request - Hide Empty Series


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I'm not sure where I should have put this request but will do so here.  Maybe the feature is already available and I just didn't see it but I'd like the option to hide a TV Series if there are no episodes for the series.


For ex, I download all my shows, for ex Season 1 of The Flash, once I watch the entire season I delete all the episodes.  Then eventually will download Season 2 when available.  I do this for all my TV Shows.  If I have approx 40 shows I have in my library, it's a pain to have to scroll through all the empty ones to get to the ones that contain episodes that I'm currently watching.  


It would be great if I could hide empty series, then when I download say Season 2 for The Flash, once the files are copied into the appropriate folder, the show then shows up again in my TV Shows as active.

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