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Chromecast idle-connected background artwork

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Not quite sure how to categorise this one. Setup:

  • x86 server running Emby Server on Ubuntu 16.04
  • Android smartphones running the Android client
  • Chromecast connected to a Sony TV

When the Android client is connected to the Chromecast, but no media is currently selected, it goes into an idle mode where it displays background artwork (screencaps, posters, etc). I would like to disable this background artwork. I am typically logged into my own personal account which has access to all media, and no age-rating restrictions on content.


The reason is twofold:

  • When I want to watch my own things, and my child sees Peppa Pig artwork, she gets demandy about watching 'her' shows
  • When I'm watching with the kids, and some artwork from a horror movie comes on, the child is disturbed by the imagery

Please help, my wife is getting quite annoyed with me.

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Hi, we don't currently have a setting for this but it's possible for the future. Thanks.

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