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[SOLVED] Embycon - BannerWall View gon for Series in latest nightly


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Hey guys.


Thx, for the great Embycon plugin.

Was running kodi nigthly 28.04.2018 with embycon and few weeks.

A few days ago i have updated to 24.05.2018 nightly (x64 windows build).


Sadly, the BannerWall View is gone on series and ill cant select it.

I just can select: Symbols & List.


Is this a known issue?


Thank you



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Have solved it.


It was not working because of the path seems to have changed.

Have now genereated two shortcuts in favourites menu, and copied the new link out of the favourites.xml.

The i have used this in eventghost as new link as followed:


XBMC2 Plugin:

GUI ActivateWindow with the following data:
{"window":"videos","parameters": ["LINK FROM FAVOURITES.XML","return"]}
link is like: plugin://plugin.video.embycon/?media_type=movies&.....djson
PS.: i have decoded the link from the favourites.xml with online tool: https://www.textfixer.com/html/html-character-encoding.php
Now all is working as it should, with all viewmodes and return working also.
Hope this helps someone.
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