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TimeLord updates Series Dates every scan


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Hi All, 


Small issue and annoyance with Timlord plugin, nfo’s and Kodi.


TimeLord updates series data after every scan when no data has changed, season and episode dates remain unchanged.


This causes kodi for emby to do a incremental sync every time  after TimeLordrd is run, all tv shows have there nfo modified date changed.


Included server log with manually triggered task done twice.




in the log you can see:


TimeLord :: Rework Series Dates


Emby.Kodi.SyncQueue: "LIBRARYSYNC" Updated 387 items:



Emby version:


Emby-Kodi (3.0.26)

Kodi companion


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New version rolled out, it does a check to see if the date needs changing, to be honest its never been raised as an issue before.

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Wow that was a quick response and new build.


I have tried the new version and it fixes the unneeded syncs.


Thanks for the great plugin and support.

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