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Convert feature in 3.4.1 runs multiple times


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I'm using the new convert feature to automatically convert media in my recorded TV folder, but the conversion process appears to be running multiple times even if the converted file already exists. 


For both shows I recorded recently the conversion process generated the file "tvshowname - mobile.mp4" from the original "tvshowname.ts" file on the first instance the convert task ran. Next time the conversion task was fired, a second copy of the show was created "tvshowname - mobile - 1.mp4"


Currently the convert task is schedule to run every 3 hours. 


It's possible I may have elicited this behavior when I configured the conversion settings, as I selected those options more than once because it appears to the user they are not retained.  When I first setup the conversion options I selected the "convert unwatched videos only" and "automatically convert new content" options and the selected "convert". However, if I bring up the conversion menu for the same folder again, the "convert unwatched videos only" and "automatically convert new content" options do not appear as selected. As such, I tried selecting the options again and selecting "convert". So perhaps it is this behavior that caused the conversion process to run multiple times since each time "convert" is selected a dialog pops up that stats "sync job created".  In any case, it would probably be useful for there to be some indication for the user on the currently configured conversion settings for a particular folder.


I've attached the last few server logs for reference.






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