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Emby Server / Playback issues


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Dear Community,


I am running the Emby Server von my Synology NAS 1515+. So far I have been able to get everything running with the support of all the good threads inside this forum, e.g. remote access with my domain and SSH certificate. A big thank you for that.


The only point I am struggling and have not found the route corse yet are the playback issues of micro stops and total freezes at home on my local network, from the NAS to my iPad or iPhone.


I have done several tests with the same movie file:

  1. Download with the Synology App DS-file: no issues, CPU and RAM around idle, download speed ~12 MB/s, peak up to 18 MB/s5af7faab8628a_DSfilecopy.jpg
  2. direct stream with the Synology App DS-file: no issues, CPU and RAM around idle, 5af7fae19b4d2_DSfilestream.jpg
  3. direct stream with VLC player from the network (NAS): no issues, CPU and RAM around idle (the 2.4 MB/s download to the NAS is from another user)5af7fb5b89e01_VLCstream.jpg
  4. direct stream with Emby App and per browser: micro stops and complete freezes.5af7fb9637b3f_Embyfreeze.jpg

Here are the log files from my last try. I don't really understand what is causing the longer and longer HTTP responses. Any help to point me in the right direction would be highly appreciated.

Do let me know if I need to provide more information.


Thanks in advance for your help!






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Hi, we've updated our iOS app with a brand new video player. You could try that and see if it plays better. Thanks !

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