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Is it possible to only show theme backdrop & hide sidebar?

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I am long time Emby server user and I really enjoy using it, but have been using Kodi as a Client till today.
Bought a Shield TV, so wanted to use the native App, especially since now Themes are supported.


I really like the Windows Media Center theme, but I would like to have the option everywhere only to show the Theme backdrop and not the Item Backdrop. That is already possible while browsing, but not in the details screen.


That option would really reduce that busy look compared to when backdrops are shown.


Furthermore I would love the option to hide the initial side bar, when opening the App on the left side, as all the content is anyway displayed on the right side.


That would make the Windows Media Center Theme look really close to the original look with the modern touch of Android.


Appreciating any feedback from the developers.


Thanks a lot for the great App :) And of course e for the great support here :)

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Hi.  Neither of those are possible right now.


The initial header side bar is a really good thing, especially for first time users, because you can immediately see that there is a lot of content to scroll to.  Without it, you only see a couple of rows and have no idea of everything that is below.

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