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Enhance Connect: Combine Servers Content Connected across accounts


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Hi, I just helped a friend get up and running on Emby and he is now a premier account holder (do i get a referral bonus? :)  )


Anyway, we linked our Emby instances and going between local server accounts on my Emby (i have four local users) and Connect to reach his server (I have one guest account on his instance) is rather cumbersome. I use Android TV for the most part.  He uses Apple TV. 


As it is right now, I have login to Connect (using a unique PIN) each time I want to access his server content.  And then logout of Connect each time one of the other users in the house wants to watch something locally.


Anyway to streamline this process?


Ideally it would be great if i can import his library into my own and just stream from his server if I select to watch content from his instance.  Alternatively, making it easier to switch servers without having to login to Connect every time (using a PIN each time) would be fine too.

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