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connect using hostname problem


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I'm having problems connecting from the ios client (ipad) to a local emby server using the hostname address, i.e. http://hostname (port 8096). Using the IP address instead, it works perfectly.


Connecting to the server using the hostname in a web browser in windows on the same network also works fine (http://hostname:8096)


It might not seem as much of a problem but I want to be able to move the emby server (on an intel nuc) between different networks, using it in the car for instance. Connecting using the hostname would be more practical.


I'm using the most recent emby ios client.


Suggestions are highly appreciated!




Pär, Sweden

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Unless you are running a dns server inside your network, this is likely working between Windows clients through NETBIOS which is part of the smb file sharing protocol - which will be resolving dns queries for clients that are part of the same workgroup. Naturally this wont work in iOS.


You have 2 options:

  • Set up a dns server - not very portable and doesn't lend itself to your example above.
    • This will require you to set the primary dns server in your gateway's dhcp settings.
  • Set up  multicast dns - very portable, limited compatibility - works with iOS, Windows and Mac though.
    • This doesn't require you to make any changes to your gateway's settings.
    • A common mDNS server is Bonjour - something that is included with iTunes, just install it and everything should work; provided multicast packets are allowed through your firewall.
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