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Some Series will not add to library when scanning


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I was running V. Originally, I added 4 new series, Call them {A, B, C, D}.


Series A, C, and D was uploaded 3 days ago, along with some missing episodes, Not even the title is showing.


Series B got picked up almost immediately after a library scan.


I have Update the package yesterday with version, and ran scan 4 times, Still the 3 series have not imported.


I have checked then clearly. There are no [.]s at the begin, so as they would be ignored, and the form is the same as the others.


[Series Title]/Season 01/[Series Title S01 E{Episode Number} - {Episode Title} - {Resolution}p.mkv.

Ex. Some Show/Season 01/Some Show S01 E01 - Some Title - 720p.mkv



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Seems to be a permissions issue according to the logs.


After rescan The title picked up but not the seasons.


Checked the folder Attributes and every was correct.


the only way I could fix it was create a new Directory structure, then it picked up every thing. still baffled why this happens.

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Land of the Lost




Season 1      Season 2


Cast and Crew




Land of the Lost:



Cast and Crew



What was showing.


It was fixed

had to recreate the directory structure


The originals were copied from my backups on an external drive.

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