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format3d ignored in nfo?

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I'm creating all metadata by myself, I used to use MetaBrowser but now switched to EMM.


So now, I've changed from using movie.xml files to movie.nfo files.


For 3D movies, I have a tag <format3d> in the xml file (HSBS, HTAB, etc) that ws auto created by MetaBrowser, which works with xml files.

But if I insert the same tag into the nfo file, it seems to be ignored, the server doesn't show that the file is 3D, the Format3D field in the information is empty and I have to edit the information in emby manually.


Is this a bug or is there a different 3D tag for nfo files?


Thanks & Ciao, Alfred

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Ah, you are a genius!


I had deactivated saving of metada, never thought about that simple solution :D


So now I see, that the tag still is the, but is has to be fileinfo/streamdetails/video part (which, of course, makes sense).


Thanks, that solved my problem!


Ciao, Alfred

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