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Next up auto file play issue


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morning guys,


is anyone having issue with AppleTV 4K and next media play, on the next auto start after 50 seconds the media pauses for a second or too then audio goes out of sync, pausing and playing does not fix only way is the stop play back and restart it.


This happens on ALL auto playing next up tv episodes.




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whilst I get log here's how to reproduce it


1: start a tv episode for me say the flash s04ep02

2: let it play all the way through until end
3: let the auto play of next episode kick in

4: s04ep03 starts playing, when it gets to about 50 seconds, my screen goes blank, and sound cuts off, 2 seconds later video is back on but audio is out of sync, pausing and un-pausing does not help. only way is to stop, and manually play episode.


do you just want Emby server logs ?

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another update, seems fine when direct playing, but when audio needs transcoding that when I get the issues, Ie a file with DTS. I'll clean logs and get soon as I can, 

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