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HTTPS not working


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I am having an issue getting Emby configured with HTTPS on MacOS with v3.2.60.

I have the external domain configured, the path to the PFX certificate configured, and 'Require https for external connections' ticked. However, I do not see Emby running on HTTPS port.


See attached logs.


Thanks for your support!






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That's very strange that you've configured it, but the log contains no error message about loading the cert. Looking at our code, the only way I can see this happening is if the pfx does not contain a private key.


Can you verify this with your cert? I will update the server to log this situation to make things easier in the future. Thanks !

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Hi Luke,


I did follow your steps, and it seems it has done the trick, i.e. I can now run Emby on HTTPS with the newly generated PFX certificate.


Thanks a lot for your support!




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