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IPTV Not Working


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I have Live TV setup via an IPTV .m3u file that works fine via the Web, iOS clients, Roku, etc, but does not work on Apple TV (or works very intermittently, but most of the time doesn't work).


When I select a channel to play, it shows "Loading..." for 5-10 seconds, the screen then goes black and then the name of the channel appears with the loading indicator, but hangs there until the Apple TV screen saver goes on.


Some details:


- Apple TV 4th Gen with tvOS 11.2.1

- Emby Server (running in a docker container on Ubuntu 16.04)

- Emby for TV app version 1.0.9


Here is a link to the relevant log section from the moment I attempt playback to the moment it stops logging to the server logs: https://pastebin.com/p9cqVnf1

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Can you narrow down the "intermittent" part?


Is it truly sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't or is it related to specific channels or content?

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Well, recently it's not even working anymore. Prior it was maybe loading the stream 1 in 10-15 times.


But I haven't been able to get the Apple TV working at all in a few days. However, today, Live TV was working just fine on Safari on my Mac and my iPad.

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Here are the 3 logs that were generated. My process to test:


1. Force quit the Apple TV App

2. Shutdown Emby Server

3. Move all the old log files out of log folder

4. Start Emby Server

5. Open Apple TV App

6. Attempt to play a stream

7. Wait about 60 seconds

8. Press "Menu" on Apple TV remote to cancel attempted playback of Live TV stream

9. Stop Emby Server


The 3 files that are attached are all the logs that were generated from that period.




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Hi @@Luke


Here are the logs. Setting the bitrate to 0.5Mb/s ended up working. Setting it up to 5Mb/s works too. Anything higher doesn't work (including "Auto" setting). On my iOS devices, the Auto setting for playback is on and it works fine.


This isn't ideal though, as this setting is global, so moves I have that are much higher than 5Mbit are being transcoded when I really don't want them to.


Hoping we can get this fixed asap.








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In general I think this is something that will probably need transcoding, the question is how do we determine that ahead of time.


But before we get to that, please try again with the next release of emby server. There is a change that in theory shouldn't make a difference, but it's always possible. Thanks.

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Hi @@Luke


I've installed the 60.9 beta using the docker netcore and this version seems much more stable than release version .60


Apple TV works fine now without forcing transcode, so it was definitely something in .60.


Actually, everything seems more snappy/stable in beta 9, even tuning into an IPTV channel is MUCH quicker.

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