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Emby Theater window can't see on windows 7


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I just installed emby theater in my windows 7 windows media center PC to test if it has a high enough WAF to be a permanent replacement. The install process installed .net and i think another framework then completed ok. After the install was complete i tried to launch the app but nothing was viewable in the application frame. The application frame was displaying the windows wallpaper. When I minimized and maximized the application i could see the application frame minimizing and maximizing, but only the desktop wallpaper was viewable in the application frame. I don't think i'm doing a good job explaining, but I'm doing my best. I tried re-booting, in-installing and reinstalling the application, but i still get the same results. I've installed all the .net updates. Has anyone see this issue before? Do i need to install the latest version of Java or anything? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Updated: I attached my install logs and the regular logs.



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Hi, the app depends on windows aero transparency features so I would make sure windows aero is enabled and hasn't crashed.

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