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Missing Season/Episode information NVIDIA Shield

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Hello all, recently made the move to emby after evaluating plex and emby side by side, still toggle back and forth but prefer emby.  However on the NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV when viewing a program's information from the guide it doesn't show the season, episode number or air date - which the apple tv does show by calling it "Released 3/19/2000".  The app on my android phone, emby theater, and the web interface all show this information.  Is this a known issue or am I missing something?  Thank you in advance.  I've attached 3 images of the program information displayed on each device, the file name being emby_device.  post-242725-0-49647800-1512664112_thumb.jpgpost-242725-0-06277300-1512664124_thumb.jpgpost-242725-0-62694300-1512664131_thumb.jpg  

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That screenshot from Android TV isn't actually from the guide, right?  As that should give you this display:




But, choosing it from a list of items in the normal interface (like "On Now") will give you this one:




Part of the problem with your example is the length of the episode title - which is causing the timeslot and other information to be run off the screen.  We can perhaps improve/align some of the information but I didn't see episode numbers in your example from the web.

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Okay, so it's basically by design/field size issue.  Wanted to make sure it wasn't just me, but yes mine look exactly as your examples do.  From chrome it shows the added information.  See attached.  Thank you again for your help. 5a297c885f73b_emby_web.jpg

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