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Request: To Watch List


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One thing the streaming community hasn't done well is really create tools that allow us to simulate live TV well.

I think the biggest reason that binging on Netflix (and Emby) is so popular is because you push a button and go.


I'd like to see Emby create a "To Watch List" that basically allows you to sort shows into a specific order. When you watch that list, it will only play the most recent episode of each show in the list that premier inside that week.

Lets pretend I made a DC TV Watch list, it would only play this weeks episode of Arrow, Flash, Legends, Supergirl and Gotham one after another. If an episode didn't premier that week, it gets skipped.


Additionally, I'd like to see this system *ALSO* allow us to insert bumpers similar to Cartoon Network or Toonami. In the here and now, it would only insert bumpers between the series, but it would be nice if in the future, a system that allows some method for choosing the appropriate points between each act of an episode where bumpers could also be inserted.

Bumpers would be a community thing to create, but inside the "to watch list", you'd choose what bumpers (if any) are used. Bumpers could even be surrounded by previews. 


Finally, another thought: while Emby already can pull Movie Trailers, it might be another cool future project if we could pull previews of related series not in the "To Watch List" and/or perhaps ones that aren't on your server that are similar to what you are watching. 

There's a lot of ideas in this post to digest and several should be their own project as part of this concept.



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Hi, I think it's a great idea and we are actively monitoring it for community feedback. Thanks !

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