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Let's talk recording schedules, history, and notifications


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Hi everyone,


OK. I love Emby, but occasional missed recordings drive me nuts. Insane.


I've just done a complete uninstall and reinstall/setup of Emby server and hope that will exorcise any demons remaining from my ~1 year old installation that were causing the issues. I lost two recordings last week, that were scheduled, due to unknown reasons.


Anyway, while I know how to access the upcoming recordings schedule, I struggle with the lack of any recording history, or log of what recordings happened and what was missed. WMC included this information and it was invaluable in tracking down problems.


So, maybe I'm ignorant and there is a history somewhere. Please enlighten me.  But if not, here's how I would like it to work:


There should be a recording log. It should include information about:


1. Planned recordings based on the live TV schedule. When a new day of schedule gets added, and a match to existing series etc. is found, I'd like a timestamped entry that said "At at <timestamp> Big Bang Theory S11E9 was added to record at <to/from show date/time including early start/extra padding>  based on new schedule information

2. If a schedule recording is ever REMOVED from the list of things Emby is planning to do, there should be a record of it. IT would detail that the recording no longer was in the channel schedule lineup (at what time, yadda yadda), or that the the user removed that episode or cancelled the series, or whatever.

3. Based on the list of planned recordings, if something doesn't get recorded, please TELL US WHY. No tuner available? No signal? Out of disc space?

4. I'd like a nice concise list of what was actually recorded, time, channel, etc..  I figure this is what the Recordings tab is supposed to be, but for me it's always blank. Even after my re-installation.


Now, notifications:

I'd like two levels of notifications. Mostly, I'd like my Emby Android app to give me notifications that something has started recording, and another when it has ended recording, and for gosh sakes if something was supposed to start recording at 8:57pm and it's now 8:58pm and it isn't actually recording, I want a warning buzzer on my phone to go off and tell me there's a serious problem. Notifications on my computer aren't helpful; I'm not usually at my computer when things are recording.

I'd also like the ability to get emails to this effect, as an option to using the Emby app.

These notifications should also include the "something was removed from the schedule" per #2 above. This would cure a lot of ills and let me be proactive about finding out why BBT or whatever suddenly dropped from the schedule.


Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant, but lost recordings drive me crazy. I want to be able to see what's going on, what's planned to go on, and what Emby has decided shouldn't go on, so I can mother-hen the process until I feel confident.


Is any of this in the realm of doability?


Thanks. Love emby, just get frustrated now and then. :-)



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