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Windows 7 Media Center, Hauppauge 2250, Envy Server - record TV?


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Hi all


I'm in the process of coming back to emby from Plex and had a question about live TV and recording TV.


I'm doing a clean install and need to install the driver package for the 2250 - yes I know it's older.


There are 2 versions, the standard windows drivers and the media center drivers. Any idea which needs to be installed to mesh with emby correctly, so I can use it as a pvr? I've also seen mixed reports of being able to use emby for livetv, but not with the 2250. Any workarounds?


Thanks for the help.

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Yeah... if you read the whole post I was asking about which drivers to use...plain old windows or do I use the media center drivers?


Not sure if emby runs anything thru WMC on the record button or not. Don't want to get stuck installing/removing/reinstalling drivers if someone has some experience with this specific card.


Thanks for the tip about nextpvr.

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