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FR: Server - Apply folder metadata setting to children


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Is there a way we could make a change to a top-level folder metadata element and have it apply to the children inside the folder? What would be helpful is if I could say "apply custom rating to children" or "apply metadata settings to all children" so that any folder or movie/TV show would get a setting that was set at a higher level.


When I have the rating system turned on and apply the setting that any unrated movies/TV shows will not be shown on a single user account, then when I dump some home videos into a folder, that user can't see them until I go through and manually apply a rating to every file in that folder. Sometimes if we download everything from our video camera, it could be hundreds of files, and it becomes tedious to do.


It would make life easier if there was an automated way to apply settings to all files inside a folder so that the rating system would work. It might also be helpful for other settings inside the folder within reason (you don't want to apply a Name field to everything inside the folder).

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