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DLNA and Folders


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With the release, DLNA started behaving differently.  I have Movies separated into folders and the server set to display the folders as folders.  This works on the web client, but when I access the server via DLNA and select Folders/Movies, instead of seeing the sub-folders under Movies, it just displays the video files.  Any ideas?

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I can play files, I just can't see my sub-folder structure any longer so finding a movie is a pain.


My hard drive directory structure is like this:





I did this so I could find things a little bit easier because I have a large library and DLNA does not have a search feature.


In my Library settings, I have the Folder option turned on so I get a Folders option in my library.  However, when I select Emby from my DLNA device and select Folders, then Movies, instead of getting my folder structure to select (#ABC, DEF, etc.), it shows all of the video files aggregated, which defeats the purpose of my folder structure.  This didn't happen until

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Same here - in my case, Music. There is a Folders entry, showing the Folders structure in the web app, but when browsing via DLNA, the Folders map contains just the same as the root folder (Artist, Album Artist, etc). 

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Hmmm, when I use the folder view on the web app I don't see all my folders there, and it seems some content is in the wrong places.  I'll have to check/verify I am not misunderstanding something first, and I will wait for the next release before I post a comment (if I still need to) in the appropriate topic board.


Thanks again!

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