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Music genre artist second page


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I am running Emby Server


Browsing a music library according to genres > any_genre shows a "genre home" presenting 

- genre artists

- genre albums 

- genre musics


When there are more than 8 genre artists, Emby displays a "More" for a screen with all genre artists.

On the "More" screen, if there are more than 100 artists, Emby displays a "<-" and "->" for pagination purposes.


The "->" leads to a page of genre albuns, not the second, third pages of the genre artists.

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I have seen this also. Not sure the "->" leads to genre albums, Looks more like songs displayed in album type view (?) Anyway is incorrect. Here are some screen shots to show.


Page One looks right..below





Page 2 








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Updated Emby server to I am running Emby Server


Problem persists. 


There's no way to navigate to the second artists page of a given genre.

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