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Consecutive Log Outs


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I log remotely into the server to manage it but generally navigating through the server dashboard kicks me out of the server or logs me out. A few examples where I get booted out (initially clicking on the settings/gear icon near the very top right after I log in, clicking on one of the sections within the dashboards - settings, transcoding, live tv, navigating back to the home screen by clicking the home icon near the very top left). I have also noticed this when accessing the plug-ins section or clicking the "Settings" of a plug-in (but i wasn't specifically doing this today so its not captured in the log)


1) Is this supposed to be happening at all or in any instances (by design)?

2) In cases where its happening but its not by design, is it preventable? 

server log 11-2-17 (411pm).txt

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Most likely because your saved authentication is no longer valid so you just need to log back in.

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