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OK, per another discussion some time ago, I've started moving files off m2ts and to mkv with great success.  My main worry there was that I would lose quality, but going with MKV Lossless seems to be perfect so far.  It's a bit of a pain to re-rip, but it's very much worth it as I get direct play on my media server and direct stream off the Roku.  Video and audio are great.  Fast forward and rewind and resume are all perfect every single time.  I wish I had moved long ago.


I do see one little issue though.  If I rip DTS-HD, I get no audio playing on the Roku.  If I rip DTS, I get audio.  And yes, the Roku is set for Auto and does a marvelous job passing on all versions of Dolby and DTS just fine (receiver shows the correct format and it sounds great).  It's just this one last little item I have an issue with.  So far, my selection of ripping DTS only works as a fine work around.  Just wondering if this is some known limitation of Roku (precisely the Roku Premiere). 

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