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Guide not scrolling to time in Firefox


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Hi folks,


I just noticed this; must be new. Happens on three of my PCs.


In Firefox (current 56.0.2, 64 bit, on both Win7 and Win10), when I'm in the Emby web interface, and I go to the Guide for LiveTV, if I click in the time row to move from one time of day to another, the channel programs listed underneath don't scroll.


So, for example, if I open up the guide, right now it's showing me 5 pm in the upper left, with times listed every half hour until 7:30 pm in the upper right. With a bunch of programming underneath; the top channel for me is ABC showing college football. I can click in the time row, and the time row scrolls, say with a few clicks it's now showing about 1 am  to 3 am or so, but the program listings underneath have not scrolled with the time, so football is still showing in the upper left.


Doing the same exercise in Chrome has the programming scrolling as normal.


Perhaps some Firefox update has changed something and I need to tweak a setting? I noticed at least two of my machines updating Firefox today, but I can't say with certainty that this issue relates to today's update.


Please advise!



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It's weird: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. That's about as specific as I can get. Right now it's "doing it." I've tried making the browser fullscreen versus windowed (no effect), going straight to the guide or stopping first at Live TV then clicking the Guide link at the top center (no effect). Just now I clicked on "Channels" then back to Guide; it stopped doing it now.


So in one browser tab it's now working fine.


Opened another browser tab: no scrolling in that one.Clicked on Channels in there, then back to guide, now scrolling works in that tab.


There's something quasi reproducible going on, but not sure what.


Will be out of town part of this week. Will investigate more next weekend.



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I've noticed this as well. Usually it happens when I click and hold the slider and try to move the time. The slider moves but the guide stays put. I then go to the bottom slider and it works. I've also noticed it works if I click somewhere in the scroll area to make it jump. Once I do that holding the slider works.

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