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Emby server and DVBlink server


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Hello There here is one for all you tec guys

ok i have an Emby server setup on a PC and then i have DVBlink server setup on a Mac Pro  in the Mac i have a TBS6909 TV 8 input  Card with the DVBlink server program i have installed the TVsource addon and the iptv server addon ( trial ) now all the channels have been mapped and all is working  if i run VLC media player i get all my channels with or with out the iptv server addon running.


what i would like to do is copy the source address from each channel in VLC and paste it into a M3U file ok all good so far then load that into the Emby Server on the PC still all good and it all works well.


sort of the TV plays fine if playing though Emby android app picture and sound but playing though Chrome or fire fox  i get picture but no sound .


how ever if i set it all up using the DVBlink iptv server addon with the m3u files and the iptv server addon running it all works on everything and all apps.


but that means the Mac is streaming all 50 channels all of the time weather you are watching them or not using lots of resources for nothing.


the other way that i would like to do it the Mac only connects to a channel when it is needed.

any ideas How i can get it to work with the sound though Chrome and Fire Fox and not have to use DVBlink iptv server addon


Thanks for any help


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