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Timeline for Nvidia Shield as Server


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Is there a timeline to utilize the Nvidia Shield as a media server?


Thanks for the update.

- Tony


I am currently using my Shield Pro as a Plex server just to have a backup in case something bad happens to my Emby setup. (I really don't expect that but I am a belt and suspenders type of guy)


When ( if? ) Emby becomes available on the Shield I will gleefully remove the Plex server and install Emby. 


Of all the platforms I tried Plex on the Shield, once Plex worked out the bugs caused by releasing it too early [Not at all unusual for Plex], the Shield proved to be by far the most stable and overall reliable platform for Plex. I would expect Emby to be even better.


I, too, would like a time-frame for the release of the Emby server onto the Shield but I will be patient because, unlike my Plex experience, my Emby server is rock solid and I have no really strong incentive to want to use a different hardware platform. It is just a cool idea that would make using Emby even better.


BTW: For those that care running the Plex server on my Shield in no way interferes with using my Shield as an Emby client. Both functions are rock solid and have given me no surprises. That is unless you count proper operation as a surprise. I do reboot my Shield every three or four days but that is simply what I consider good practice for a server and I do not think it contributes to stability at all. As I said "belt and suspenders."


One more thing: I do NOT use my Shield for any form of gaming at all.

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