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'Library' Field in Reports


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A small issue, but would be really handy if you could add it. I have my media arranged in a lot of different libraries, for example my music collection has Jazz, Classical, Rock, Electronic libraries. When running a report in the server dashboard, say, 'Music Albums' I have a bunch of categories I can filter by or include in the report, like 'Artist', 'Date Added' ,etc. But there isn't one for 'Library' and all my music from these collections is jumbled up in one list.


So I end up having to manually sort it out in Excel, but now that I've added more music it's actually easier to type these entries in the right sections in my old (manually sorted) report in Excel than run a new report in Emby, which would mean sorting it all out again from scratch. If you could just add one field/column for 'Library" I could sort it easily, or do drop-downs in a spreadsheet letting me select 'Jazz' ,etc. I guess I could go through all the genre tags in the media and get them consistent enough to use for this purpose but having a library field would be preferable.


In the end, this one change would make the reporting functionality much more useful with the way my media is sorted.


Thanks for your consideration.

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Not to wake up the dead but did this ever go anywhere?  I'd like this filter option for movie libraries.  I have a library for G\PG, PG13 and one for R.  I am in the process of replacing DVD vob rips with MKVs.  If I could filter by library I would start with one then the other.  I saw a post where there was a file you could manually edit for number of movies shown but that looks like its been fixed.  

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