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Subtitles manual download


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I hope that this post is in the right sector. If not, my apologies in advance.


My question is: is it possible, using the webapp with the ps4 browser, to search and manually download subtitles without the emby premiere? Each time I try it, a message appears giving notice of queud download, but the subtitles aren't really downloaded, and it won't appear.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Luke,


First of all, thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Secondly, here goes an update of my previous post: I've defined portuguese (from Portugal), portuguese (from Brasil) and english as the languages to automatically download, and I've chosen to download only perfect matches, Generally, this feature works very well. But sometimes (very few, actually) I've noticed that some of the subtitles that are automatically downloaded aren't perfectly synchronized with the audio, reason why I've tried to remove some of the predefined subtitles and manually replace them after searching. In the meantime I've managed to download subtitles of another languages (nl, for example), but I'm still unable to remove the automatically downloaded subtitles (i.e. predefined) and replace them for new ones found after manually searching, altough the message "download queud" appears. Is this normal and meant to be, or I'm I doing something wrong? Maybe the predefined subtitles can't be replaced?


Third, and last: this minor issue in no way diminishes the value of this great app. Well designed, very functional and, for me, the subtitle automatic download is just great and saves me a lot of time and troube, reason why I've subscribed the Emby premiere for this month as my way to contribute to the excellent job you guys did.


Thanks for all the help

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