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Wrong Media Info for Audio in Blu-ray discs


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Before anyone suggests to convert the discs to MKV files that is NOT an option. The two discs for season 10 of the Big Bang Theory work just fine in my setup with PDVD 16 playing them back flawless and menus to boot.


From the attached screenshots you can see that Disc1 has incorrect video (1080i), frame rate (29.97) and audio (AC3 2.0) while Disc2 has the correct video (1080p), frame rate (23.976) and audio (DTS-HD MA 5.1).


In the BDMV folders the first 18 files in the Stream subfolder are identical for both discs, 19th file is the first episode for each disc. Why does FFMPEG flag disc 1 incorrectly but disc 2 correctly? From the Stream folder the largest M2TS file is for disc 1 the 39 minute Comic Con event which happens to have MBAFF encoding and only 1 AC3 2.0 audio tract, while the largest on disc 2 is an actual episode. Looks like whatever the largest file is will determine the media info, which will produce incorrect results.


What is the latest version of FFMPEG that can be used by EMBY and how can it be replaced manually?


If incorrect media info is being obtained is there a way to manually enter the correct values somewhere?


I am aware of the fact that mediainfo.dll is no longer being used but what is used at present for identifying discs is not very good. I am open to suggestions, but just not any MKV conversions :angry:


Big Bang Theory Season 10 Disc 1.



Big Bang Theory Season 10 Disc 12


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Without new development from us that's as good as it gets right now. ffmpeg does not natively support bluray folders, so upgrading or downgrading won't make a difference if it's still not supported.


However, when playing from Emby for WMC this will not affect your playback experience, as Emby for WMC can play these folder rips natively. If that's the only app you're playing from, then you could just ignore the media info you see in the web app.

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@@Luke Thanks for the clarification and yes I do use Emby for WMC because I use the Throgmorton themes. I understand that the playback is fine because my playback software for BDs is PDVD 16 as an external player and it handles it correctly. It is just the visual display that does not work all the time and it is also my understanding that entries could be modified but that these entries are not for display only but also vital for other functions.


In several other software packages these media information can be corrected manually which is preferable since it allows for new or rare entries. How is Atmos being displayed or DTS-X?

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