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HI, first of all I want to say thanks! I just buyed Emby Premium recently because I think is great and very powerfull.


I have created Media servery Emby for my company where we share videotutorials, movies, wallpapers, music and more.


It will be nice to see in the future, an option to create a folder for utilities, that means software we use or maybe a manual pdf, or even a .zip or .rar.


Also another feature nice to see is on folder customization option to allow download. (not by user) by folder. So this way I can allow only some folder to download and other don't.






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  • There is an E-book library type you can use for the manuals. That will list PDF's for instance and some more typical e-book formats. Mostly it's a basic way to list and download those files, but works.
  • With regards to other file formats, there is one library type that is for mixed files, however it doesn't seem to pick up anything that isn't available in any other library type. (not sure though)
    • I would have liked if that was given an extra option to "include any file". That option would display anything in a manner like the E-book library but omit any files that are flagged as "hidden" by the filesystem. I think this would be fairly easy to do?? To develop it, maybe a text box where the admin can enter accepted filename endings like: *.jpg; *.pdf; *.docx, *.rtf; *7z *.zip; *.txt and so on, making it fully customisable.


Having Emby serve non-media-files is perhaps not in line with keeping it as a distinct personal media product, but it would be useful to some users and would also provide a workaround for odd/strange media to be served as downloads if they cannot be served by existing functionality. Furthermore I guess it would not be more "out of line" than the "Games" library/plugin  :)

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