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Windows Media Center Choppy Since Install


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I have not used EMBY is a while.  I had to redo my HTPC a while back and never re-installed it.  


This past week I figured I'd try it again.     I installed the EMBY server and a plug in for Windows Media Center.


I configured everything and it seems to be working OK.  I am able to stream to devices using Emby Theater. 



Ever since I got it up and running... my Windows Media Center has been very choppy while watching recorded TV.    Voice dropout for about  half a second several times a minute.  


I am using a 3rd generation I5, with 8 Gig of RAM on Windows 10 OS.


I have Verizon FiOS 75Mbps


Using HD Homerun for TV tuner.  


As soon as I exit the Emby server the dropout stops. 


Performance has never been an issue before.  


Any ideas or advice.



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