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Out of memory; Kill process (mono-sgen) or sacrifice child


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Hello I've problem with my RPI3

I am using Raspbian based on Debian 8.0

My Raspberry has Kodi 17 and Emby server installed + mounted hdd disk with external case and its own power supply.


I am experiencing problems with RPI3 freezing/hangs out, propably when EMBY scans library.

I have some music and a lot of videos i used to use ntfs mounted hdd but the problem occurs too often so I formated disk to ext4 and this solved my problem for a some time.


Now it goes back again. RPi3 hangs out and I cant access emby-server administration webpage, I Cant login via putty to check htop or kill processes and Kodi on my TV doesnt responds.

This can take about 20-60 mins before Rpi3 kills process itself.


Do you have any idea how to solve this problem or at least decrease time before killing deadlocking process ?

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hi @@obieq, for the best experience on Raspberry Pi, I would actually forget about our current mono-based release and jump straight into Emby Server running on the new official Microsoft .NET Core runtime.


We don't have a friendly install package yet as it is still in testing, but it will be much more stable. Please let me know if this helps. Thanks !

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