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Path Substitution Issues


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I have been having issues with my setup after switch to streaming to Kodi using direct paths and path substitution on the server side. I have found a work around and am posting here in case someone else was having this issue.


Issue: When setting path substitution for folders movies are handled differently than TV shows.  EX: For movies the trailing \ is required to resolve a path properly (\\EXAMPLE\Movies\ will resolve correctly but \\EXAMPLE\Movies won't as it merges the file name and the folder name together). TV shows on the other hand behave differently and require the opposite when setting the Path Substitution per folder (\\EXAMPLE\TVShows will resolve correctly but \\EXAMPLE\TVShows\ will not as the Kodi plugin resolves it as SMB:\\EXAMPLE\TVShowsSMB:\\(TVSHOWNAME)). It seems that the movie handler won't add the trailing \ when resolving a network path and the TV handler interprets a trailing \ as SMB:\\


Work around:

When setting the path substitution on the server be sure to include a trailing \ (\\EXAMPLE\Movies\) for Movies and when setting the path substitution for TV folders omit the trailing \  (\\EXAMPLE\TVShows)


If anyone has any questions please reply and I will try to clear up anything I can.

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Just FYI - in Emby there is no difference in path substitution for movies, tv shows, or any kind of media for that matter.


Thakns for the information.

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