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Roku and Windows Firewall

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I'm new to Emby and trying to make it work with the Roku 3.


It is working when I switch off Windows Firewall, but not when it is on.


I've opened up the port with an inbound rule, but I still get nothing on Roku.


Anyone able to give me any assistance?






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So there are two ports, one is insecure (normally 8096) and the other is secure (normally 8920). Did you unblock both on your windows firewall?


Also, the app may be connecting you through Emby connect which would mean that your connection is going out to the Internet and then back to your local LAN. My assumption at this point is that you already have the port opened on your firewall and forwarded to your Emby server's reserved or statically assigned IP address as it works when windows firewall is off.


There is another setting in your inbound rule for your Emby ports titled allow edge traversal (or something like that) that will need to be enabled. This setting allows devices that come from different IP subnets than your server's local LAN (ex: the public Internet).



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Yeah. Both ports have incoming rules.


The Connection Troubleshooter was already my starting point, but alas, no success.


At this point I am not going outside of my LAN, but I did Port Forward from the router whilst experimenting.

As I mentioned, I can access fine when Windows Firewall is off.


it's very strange.

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I'm not sure what you mean by tests, so following the web page set up...


Test on a web browser on a different device on my home network:
- Only works when Windows Firewall is switched off

Antivirus scan - found nothing

External Connections - which I don't care about right now, but -

Canyouseeme.org - This did not find it - but my guess is that this is because I am installing Emby on a laptop which is not my main server.

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There is something broke in your firewall rules then if no other device can access the server.


Personally I would unistall Emby, delete the firewall rules, then re-install Emby.

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I don't think you need to reinstall. Check windows firewall to make sure there are no rules blocking the server .exe file.

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Okay. Finally figured this out.


My home network appears to have been changed to 'Public' (it should be Private, of course).


Since I only selected the 'Private' settings for the Windows Firewall access, the Emby-created Firewall rule was inadequate.


Thanks for your help guys.

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