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A switch from plex: nfo


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I have broken up my media folders and separated out those that require an .nfo file – operas and concerts etc that plex cannot identify – so that specific library only uses the third party XBMCnfoTVimporter or XBMCnfoMovieimporter; so these libraries contain folders that all have .nfo files. While the others use the regular 'PlexMovie' agent or the 'TheTVDB'. 


Before and if i migrate to Emby i would like to ask a couple of questions:


  1. As i understand it, .nfo use is a built-in feature of the Emby server; so, can I assign Emby to just use .nfo for those specific libraries that exclusively use .nfo?
  2. As to the other libraries that do no use .nfo files, can i be sure that Emby will not place any extra files in the folders for shows/Movies that do not use .nfo files. 

I will probably be running plex and emby in parallel for a while so I wanted to know if Emby added any extra files to show or movie folder; so, if I have:


Movie Name (Movie date)

---------Movie Name (Movie date).mkv 


I wanted to make sure Emby will not add any other files to the folder. Thanks in advance. 


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1 - yes


2 - by default the server won't save anything to local media folders. you have to specifically opt into this by enabling the per-library option to save metadata to local media folders.

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