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Hi community,


i use the photo library extensive to show my stored pictures on my nas via the web app and the mobile app. I love it but there are still some improvements and bugs.


Viewing photos is slow

First point, i noticed is that the url generates a thumbnail of the image. But it is still very slow. Is it processed on every request or saves emby the thumbnail seperately? I would prefer this behaviour to gain more speed ofcourse of loosing disk space (but this can be ignored in my opintion). Also the fullscreen Image could be a smaler version and not the original. I have pictures with over 4000 pixels in width and it take a while to load them via the webinterface.


Endless Scrolling

The paginator on photos is annoying. If have a lot of photos and you don't know a position of a picture just scrolling would be nice. In this case i would prevere a endless scrolling mechanic to view my photos. Would this be posible?


Detail view not working with Pagination

If you click on a picture it shows in fullscreen. This works well on page one and two. But on page three and every page after it shows only the first picture of the folder.


I know this are only three points but they would improve the photos-library a bit further. What is your opinion? Do you also have some improvement ideas?

I created also a Topic for the mobile App. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/34731-feature-request-photo-viewer/

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