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Fonts not anti-aliased

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I usually play around with MBT on my personal PC connected to a 2560x1440 monitor. MBT looks great at that res.


I've tried MBT a few times on my HTPC connected to a 1080p TV, and the text always looks bad - as if there's no anti-aliasing being applied.


If I switch from full screen to windowed then the text looks fine again - even if I stretch the window as close to 1920x1080 as I can.


I change the desktop res of my regular PC to 1920x1080 and the test still looks fine - it's only on my HTPC with my TV.


Note: all other text on my HTPC/TV looks perfect (Windows Desktop, Media Center, MB2, etc).


Fullscreen MBT on my HTPC:



Windowed on my HTPC:




Here's something weird I noticed when putting MBT into windowed mode - I get the normal MBT window, but there's an additional offset smaller black window behind, if I move the MBT window the offset window follows along but at about half the speed:



That secondary window is the video window - here's what I get if I play something:





I'd obviously normally use MBT in full screen mode - so the main problem here (at least for me) is the poor quality text.



Note: I don't have either of these issues on my regular PC.

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So, I found the problem - it's because on my HTPC I'd set the "size of all items" to 150%, to make desktop text and icons larger to make them easier to read from across the room.


I changed it back to 100% and the fonts became smooth and the video window lined up with the MBT window properly.

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To change the size of your desktop icons select one hold down the ctrl button then scroll your mouse wheel  (it wont change the text) but the icons are usually enough.

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