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NextPVR Audio Streams

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Hello, I have just installed NextPVR and seem to be having an odd issue with audio streams. I am based in the UK and am trying to watch Film4, two audio streams are being broadcast - English (eng) and a descriptive soundtrack (NAR). In the Windows Application, I can chose between the streams and I have found out how I can select (eng) as the default language in the config.xml file. No worries with the Windows App.

However, when playing Film4 in a Web Browser ( - Chrome, IE etc - or in Emby Theatre) I only get the descriptive soundtrack (NAR) playing and when you select the settings button, there is nothing other than 'default' as the Audio Stream. As you can imagine, it is not ideal watching TV with the descriptive soundtrack (NAR) so it's not really usable this way.


Does anyone know how to fix this? This is definitely not an Emby issue but someone might have come across this before when getting it to work with Emby.

Help would be appreciated!

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