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FR: MBC - Support for Screencaps files


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Congrats on MB3!


I don't know if this request has been made but I have done some searching and haven't found anything.


This would probably be more for the adult audience but could certainlly apply to other types of videos.


I'm envisioning a feature or plugin that would be able to take a single or multiple screencap pictures (jpg, png, etc) and either use it as a backdrop or as a separate preview feature. It would either be able to distinguish the individual screens from a screencap and cycle through them forced to full screen or give access sequentially to full screen views of each. It could maybe use the Ken Burns effect to slowly scrool through or flip through the streens in the screencap.


This would allow a much greater access to preview images of the video.


Does this seem possible?


Thanks for your consideration



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Might be nice to be able to manually set the delay in seconds but it could be set at the same delay for backdrop images. The logic would be to analyze the screencap for whitespace and large blocks of non white pixels and index those areas. Once the index was built, the sub-images could either be stored in ram and pointed to, scaled to fit the screen, and displayed sequentially or randomly or done on the fly. As long as the file was not named folder, back, or backdrop, it could be flagged and used in this way. If the screencap program used black background, it would be nice to have the option for black as a delimiter as well.


Does that make sense?


I'm pretty sure I could write an routine in AutoIt but that's the limit of my programming ability.  :(

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